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art_critiques's Journal

Comments, Questions and Critiques on Art
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A community created for all types of visual artists. Artists of all level and skill are welcome.

All are encouraged to comment as much as they feel comfortable with. Dont be afraid if something you think is wrong, or there is another way of doing whatever you are commenting on. Its not neccessarily the best way, and youll only be learning yourself.

Introduce yourself upon first joining. You can add a link to your personal site or hosted gallery, or just a few peices. I do ask that we keep embedded art inside of cuts or links to cut down on the use of bandwith, since most all posts here will have these. Also, please keep peices within 'tastefull' nudity. Any pieces like this should be far outnumbered by others that you have done and posted.

Whether you are just fishing for comments, looking for people to share with... or need some help with your work or tools, welcome and feel free to join us. Post your requests for ideas... sketches... works in progress and finished peices as well. Please make sure that all work is drawn/scuplted/photographed yourself. Unless someone drew a piece and gave it expressively to you... no coloring book peices. Thank you!